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How 'pure' is '100%' cotton?

100% cotton! Pure Cotton! Heirloom Quality! Handmade! Blended! – confused which one means what and what to choose for you and your little ones? You are not alone. It is confusing even to the ones who have general knowledge beyond ordinary. I, as a garment manufacturing major, would try to clear some of the misconceptions through this blog.   A label of "Pure Cotton" does not always mean that the garment is made only of cotton. It rather means that the amount of cotton used in the fabric is pure. There may be other materials used along with pure cotton to...

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Why Cotton

Hey there, welcome to ‘Ren and Rouge’!!! We started off this venture as three moms (and our six incredibly adventurous kids) with one goal in mind. To produce comfortable, durable, soft and 100% cotton apparel for your kids and for ours! Our shopping experience for our kids started off as excitement and anticipation in buying cute baby apparel but soon turned to disappointment as we found it difficult to find the right fabric for their sensitive skins, as some of them suffered from dermatitis. But – luckily – we soon found out that our kids loved wearing 100% cotton, and...

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Challenges of Delicate Skin

The Challenges of Delicate Skin, Hey there, Welcome to 'Ren and Rouge'! I remember my younger son was often uncomfortable due to his dry, sensitive skin and was heart wrenching at times to see him rubbing his skin to try to bring some relief. I wanted to share some tips to help your child  with dry skin. Give your child short lukewarm baths because long baths tend to dry the skin. Use unscented soaps during the bath  and apply unscented moisturizers or emollients twice a day. Make sure you are washing clothes with unscented detergents. Scented chemicals adhere to the...

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Autumn’s Delights

Autumn’s Delights Autumn is a time when the senses come alive and the children’s excitement becomes palpable. As I walk down  my street, I see the little girl holding her mom’s hand pointing to the beautiful vibrant changing leaves' colors, the different shades of oranges, yellows, and reds captivate her. In the neighbor’s yard, I hear the sounds of the children laughing and jumping into the piles of raked leaves and feel their anticipation of making another pile and jumping again with even more enthusiasm. I smell the sweet aroma of pumpkin pie coming from the kitchen window as mother...

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