Autumn’s Delights

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Autumn’s Delights

Autumn is a time when the senses come alive and the children’s excitement becomes palpable. As I walk down  my street, I see the little girl holding her mom’s hand pointing to the beautiful vibrant changing leaves' colors, the different shades of oranges, yellows, and reds captivate her. In the neighbor’s yard, I hear the sounds of the children laughing and jumping into the piles of raked leaves and feel their anticipation of making another pile and jumping again with even more enthusiasm. I smell the sweet aroma of pumpkin pie coming from the kitchen window as mother and son are checking the oven to see if the pie is ready to eat. The infant who is sitting in his stroller and suddenly feels the gush of cool air and reacts in surprise. Children squealing in elation during a party dunking their faces in cold water tubs while apple bobbing.

Each of these precious moments lead me to reminiscence about similar cherished moments spent with my children and brings tears to my eyes. Make your child’s  day magical by taking him or her on a stroll on a beautiful autumn day.


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